Micro-Laser Peel

This is what we call our middle of the road laser procedure that changes your skin from tired to radiant.

Stronger than the Nanopeel but not as strong as the profractional, the Micro Laser Peel is a superficial skin resurfacing procedure that removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and tone. It provides effective results because it can be delivered with great depth precision. The heat from the laser stimulates the skin to produce collagen, so as it heals , new cells are formed, giving an appearance of glowing vibrant skin.

Sciton Halo

Hail the Halo!

This is the newest and best in laser technology today. The Halo is the world’s first hybrid laser.

It honestly is the best of both worlds:  a laser that is ablative and non-ablative.

So what does that mean?

We now finally have a laser that gives maximum results with minimum downtime.

The Benefits of a Halo

Halo has the unique ability to provide separate treatments for the top layer of the skin, which heals quickly, and deeper layers of the skin which remodels more slowly over time. It can calculates the exact amount of energy needed for the safest and most effective treatment. The benefits of a Halo treatment are improving tone, texture,and pigmentation to give you youthful luminous skin. Finally, you can have a serious laser procedure and still go to work the next day.

Conditions It Treats:

  1. Aging skin
  2. Brown spots
  3. Acne scarring
  4. Melasma
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Large Pores



Excel V Laser

Award Winning Laser

The Excel V Laser System is a powerful state-of-the-art laser for treating vascular skin conditions such as Rosacea, spider veins, red scars as well as pigmented lesions on both the face and legs.

This award winning laser uses a high power green laser to target abnormal blood vessels and pigment with ultra precision in the skin.

As these vessels or pigment cells are targeted, they are eliminated and skin is returned to its natural color and tone.

About The Award-Winning Excel V Laser Treatment

Vascular concerns like blushing, flushing, vessels, and veins on the face or legs can be obvious and unwelcome.

The Excel V laser leads the charge in treating these skin concerns and conditions. Targeting red, purple and blue facial and leg veins, the medical-grade Excel V laser treats all of your vascular concerns.

The system uses a unique high power green laser that is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels in the skin. This laser heats the abnormal vessels, ultimately restoring normal skin tone and color. The system, incorporates the latest innovations in cooling technologies to ensure patient comfort, and there are no long-term side effects or downtime.

In as few as 1 to 3 treatments, unwanted and unsightly vessels and veins are reduced, and symptoms like flushing and blushing are managed.

Conditions Treated with Excel V:

  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasia
  • Leg Veins
  • Facial Veins (red and blue)
  • Venous lake (purple lesions on lips)
  • Diffuse redness of the face and neck skin
  • Scars and keloids
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia (dilated oil glands)
  • Port Wine Stain
  • Hemangiomas
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Freckles
  • Sun damage pigmentation
  • Warts

What Are the Benefits of Excel V

The benefit of Excel V is that the treatment can be highly adjusted to ensure that you are getting the level of treatment that specifically matches the patient’s skin condition.

The system contains various wavelength modes, allowing the delivery of both short pulses for superficial blemishes, such as small lesions and skin discoloration, and longer pulses for deeper vascular conditions, such as leg veins and nodular port wine stains.

It also offers a wide range of laser spot sizes to ensure that small treatment areas can be targeted at greater precision and larger areas can be treated in a shorter period.

This high level of customization is what makes Excel V so effective at treating, often in one session, so many different conditions, which, in the past, would have required several different systems or procedures.

How Many Sessions Are Needed to Achieve Results?

The number of treatment sessions required will depend on the specific condition being treated as well as on the patient’s individual skin and amount of downtime the patient has to offer.

Some patients will see results after just one session, while others may require more. Dr. Rao will let you know during your consultation approximately how many sessions you can expect to see optimal results.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Similar to other lasers, The Excel V laser is fired as a quick pulse of light that typically feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin.

However, Excel V has a built-in cooling system that reduces this discomfort so an anesthetic is not necessary and treatments are more comfortable.

Many patients feel the Excel V with a built-in cooling system is one of the most comfortable laser treatments available. If you are concerned about potential pain, talk to Dr. Rao before your treatment so that she can help try to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

What Are the Side Effects of Excel V?

Excel V has minimal side effects. The most common side effect a patient might see is redness or swelling on the treated areas. In rare cases, bruising may occur. These side effects should not be serious, and often resolve themselves within a few day.

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Q-Switch Laser Treatments

Cynosure Affinity QS high-powered Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is one of the most effective and powerful tattoo removal technologies of today.

Using a dual wavelength system it can cover a broad spectrum of tattoo colors. With serial visits, tattoos can now be removed safely and efficiently.

What was once permanent can now be ancient history.

Effective Tattoo Removal With The Q-Switch Laser

Although tattoo trends come and go, the tattoo themselves last forever. Sometimes a once loved tattoo may become somewhat of an eyesore. What may have seemed like a good idea at one point in your life can often fall out of fashion and no longer suit. Luckily, at Rao Dermatology, our Q-Switch laser treatment is an effective mechanism for tattoo removal.

Q-Switched, also known as the Q-Switched Nd-Yag Laser is primarily used to remove, brown spots, freckles, and tattoos from the skin.

How Does The Q-Switch Laser Treatment Work

During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is applied to the tattooed area of the skin. The light is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin tissue and chromophores unharmed.

The tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, heat up, and shatter into smaller ink particles.

In the days and weeks following a laser treatment, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade. Over a series of treatments, more and more of the ink shatters, leaving the skin free of ink.

Tattoo ink can be difficult to shatter and remove, and only Q-switched lasers are able to produce sufficient fluence (energy or power) to remove dark and bright tattoos without unattractive side effects like scarring. Q-switched laser pulses last mere nanoseconds (billionths of a second), providing high levels of fluence for quality ink shattering.

What Kind Of Tattoo Can Be Removed?

A tattoo’s color, depth, and chemical composition all affect how it responds to laser light; though the Q-YAG Laser Tattoo Removal works best on darker colors such as black, red, dark orange and dark blue. Lighter colors such as green, purple, brown, light orange and light blue can also be eliminated effectively, however, may require more treatments.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The laser light will selectively target the undesired ink or pigment while leaving the other tissues largely unaffected; therefore, most patients report only minor discomfort. Many people compare the sensation of the pulses entering the skin, to the quick snap of a rubber band; however, if such “snaps” make you feel uncomfortable, we may offer you topical anesthesia.

Most patients have experienced only minimal discomfort during the laser tattoo removal procedure. The application of a topical anesthetic can be discussed during your consultation.

What Happens After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Immediately after the procedure, the treated areas may be sensitive and swell slightly. Swelling may last a little longer, but can be reduced by cooling the skin with an ice pack.
The tattoo will fade over the next few weeks. There is little to no downtime related to laser tattoo removal. You should be able to return to work and resume regular activities immediately after the procedure. After each treatment, your skin may be red or feel sunburnt. Each patient’s personal experience of the side effects of treatment will vary.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, treatment typically takes about 10 to 30 minutes. Some tattoos may completely fade after only one treatment, though most may require a multiple of four or more.

Laser tattoo removal treatments are usually spaced 3 weeks apart, in order to give your body sufficient time to fully eliminate the loosened particles of tattoo ink or pigment.

The number of sessions and required time between each session will depend on several factors; such as, the location of the tattoo, skin type and color, types of inks and colors used, the depth of ink in the skin, the age of the tattoo, and general health of the patient.

Why do I need multiple sessions?

Just like when you got your tattoo, it probably took a few sessions, it is the same with removing your tattoo. That is because tattoo ink is layered into your skin and each removal laser treatment chips away at shattering and dissolving layers of ink which your body will flush away in the weeks after your treatment.

Each time we perform a treatment, we cover the area as completely as possible and break up as much ink as possible. Tattoos that are less dense and just shading are quicker to remove than those with thick, dark lines.

What Side Effects Might I Experience?

Patients most commonly experience some redness, swelling, and minor blistering of the skin after their tattoo removal laser treatment. Blistering is the most common side effect, but left alone to heal, these blisters disappear quickly and leave no long-term damage or mark. Any side effects are very temporary, and your skin will heal completely and quickly. Detailed after-care instructions are always discussed and explained to help clients manage their skin after the treatment.

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Sciton Profractional

This is a state of the art laser that provides intense skin resurfacing with less downtime.

The Sciton Profractional ablates micro-spherical channels into the skin that triggers your body’s natural healing process to produce rich new collagen stores. After a ProFractional treatment, you will immediately begin to experience tighter and rejuvenated skin.

The benefits of ProFractional include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times, and ability to use in all skin types.

About The Sciton Profractional Procedure

The Sciton Profractional procedure is designed to rejuvenate your complexion and treat a variety of skin conditions related to your skin’s quality. The laser can efficiently improve the health of your skin by making microscopic perforations in the tissue, which stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

As a result, new collagen begins to grow, which can ultimately cause a tightening effect. Unlike other types of laser skin resurfacing, ProFractional™ only treats a small area of the skin that is being targeted. By doing so, the problem areas can be corrected without the need for a long recovery period.

As collagen continues to grow over the course of several months, the overall look and feel of your skin can gradually improve.

What Issues Can Be Addressed?

The advanced nature of the Sciton Profractional laser allows for correction of several skin-related concerns. Whether these perceived imperfections have developed from heredity, age, or another factor, we are pleased to offer Sciton Profractional treatments for patients with the following problems:

  • Scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Age lines
  • Melasma
  • Sunspots or other sun damage
  • Crepey skin
  • Uneven skin tone or texture
  • Large pores

What Are the Most Commonly Treated Areas?

Sciton Profractional can provide exceptional smoothing results on a variety of skin areas. The most popular areas that patients wish to improve include the face, neck, chest, and hands.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

The Sciton Profractional treatment process is relatively fast, with the typical session lasting about 15 to 30 minutes – although, this will vary depending on the extent of your treatment needs. To help you achieve optimal results, we recommend one to four treatment sessions that are three to six weeks apart.

Dr. Rao will work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan that can help you achieve your ideal aesthetic goals.

Does It Hurt?

To help minimize any pain or discomfort during your treatment, we offer the option of numbing cream to be applied before your treatment for added comfort.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Sciton Profractional treats targeted sections of the skin; there is a much faster healing process than more invasive options. Any downtime is typically minimal, spanning about one to three days. During this short recovery time, it is normal to experience mild redness, similar to that of a sunburn. Most patients can return to work and wear makeup within a day or two following their session.

How Long Will the Sciton Profractional Procedure Results Last?

The results following Sciton Profractional treatments typically continue to improve for up to six months after your procedure. Over this time, your skin should gradually tighten, developing a softer, healthier appearance.

Treatment for fine lines and deeper wrinkles

Profractional is an amazing treatment for fine lines and deeper wrinkles, traumatic and acne scarring, and loose sallow skin. It’s deep collagen stimulation is what greatly combats these skin conditions.

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Nano Laser Peel

If your skin is looking dull, tired and sallow, this may be the laser procedure for you.

This is the perfect laser for very light resurfacing without any with social downtime.

It is definitely ideal for those looking for something stronger than a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, but not as severe as a deep laser resurfacing.

It uses light energy to instantly remove the top layers of your skin at a depth that also accelerates the skin’s own renewal process.

About The Nano Laser Peel Procedure

Nothing shows age like our skin. If your skin looks dull and tired, you may be considering (or already doing) treatments like a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. These are treatments that use chemicals or abrasive materials to remove the top layer of the skin, revealing new skin underneath.

But the Nano Laser Peel can do much more. It uses light energy to instantly remove the top layers of the skin at a depth that also accelerates the skin’s own renewal process by activating special messenger proteins. Conditions that are effectively treated with this procedure include mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, sun damage and pigment inconsistencies.

How Does Nano Laser Peel Work?

The NanoLaserPeel beam is scanned over a treatment area to remove a very thin layer of the skin. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look. Plus it activates messenger cells to trigger the body’s natural healing process. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved color evenness. Patients often say that it looks like their skin went from looking tired to vibrant.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Your skin will be cleaned in the treatment area and your eyes will be protected with safety shields. The physician will position the laser handpiece above the skin and will hold it in place as the computer-guided scanner moves the laser beam around the treatment area. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the procedure usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

Will It Be Uncomfortable?

One of the primary advantages of NanoLaserPeel is that it causes little pain because it does not penetrate very deeply into the skin. At its most shallow settings, most people can tolerate treatment with no anesthetic at all.

What Should I Expect Immediately After The Treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you will notice that the skin has a “frosty” appearance. This is the dehydrated skin that will peel away a next few days following the treatment. You may experience some skin redness and a sensation resembling sunburn, as well as mild swelling.

When Should Results Should I Expect?

Because only the outer layer of skin is treated, most patients notice an obvious improvement in tone, texture and color evenness once the skin heals in approximately 2-3 days.

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Conditions It Treats:

  1. Aging skin
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Acne scarring
  4. Eyes
  5. Brown spots
  6. Neck and chest

Laser Genesis

This skin therapy is an innovative way to promote youthful radiant skin.

Laser Genesis treatments help correct the conditions typically associated with early skin damage and aging, stimulating the body to generate new collagen, which strengthens the skin and reduces unwanted redness and wrinkles without any side effects.

Well known for its clinically proven results without downtime, Laser Genesis is your secret to a fresher, more even complexion in just a few short treatments.

It is great alternative to chemical peels.

How Laser Genesis Works

Laser Genesis treatments utilizes safe, non-invasive laser technology to clear fine lines and diffuse flushing, redness and scarring. A short series of treatments may be recommended for optimal results, and patients will notice an instant improvement following each treatment – without irritation or downtime. By gently and comfortably heating the skin, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen to reduce fine lines and scarring; additional heat helps clear dilated capillaries that cause redness.

Laser Genesis, if preformed regularly, dramatically improves the appearance and condition of the skin:

  • Tightens the skin and promotes healthy cell growth
  • “Polishes” the skin and smoothes the overall texture and color of the skin
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Shrinks the pores
  • Corrects diffused redness and rosacea
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removes tiny facial veins

What is the Treatment Like?

A Laser Genesis treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, during which the patients feel warming sensation and immediate sensation of skin tightening. Most patients, once they get used to the procedure, find the treatment therapeutic and relaxing.

For optimal outcomes, most people need six to eight treatments, although recommendations vary according to a patient’s individual needs. The results are accumulative and long-term effects can be quite dramatic.

Conditions It Treats:

  1. Aging skin
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Brown and red spots
  4. Acne Scarring
  5. Chest Wrinkles

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Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment

Intense Pulse Light is photorejuvenation at its best.

This treatment is a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation using infrared light.

It offers the advantage of improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging, photo damage and especially vascular conditions such as rosacea.

The procedure is ideal for any part of your face, neck, or décolleté which show redness , and telangiectasia (tiny veins) or brown spots. It has been recommended for skin discoloration from sun damage and flushing symptoms from rosacea.

What is Intense Pulse Light Treatment?

Intense Pulse Light treatment is a photorejuvination treatment that focuses primarily on irregular pigmentation, sun damage, and discolouration or brown spots on the surface of the skin or face.  A broad spectrum of light is transmitted through a small, smooth, transparent handpiece which is gently placed over the skin. Cut-off filters in the handpiece change the wavelength range allowing it to be optimized for different applications and skin types. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the blood when treating vascular lesions or the melanin when treating pigmented lesions damaging them. The body’s natural processes then remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated with IPL Therapy?

IPL can treat a number of different skin conditions including:

  • Age and sun spots
  • Rosacea
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Freckles
  • Unwanted hair
  • Enlarged pores
  • Broken capillaries / blood vessels

Benefits Of IPL

IPL has a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Even skin tone, removal of brown spots and sunspots
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removal of broken capillaries
  • Refreshed and glowing appearance
  • Tighter skin texture by stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete, though this will depend on the specific skin condition as well as the number of areas you wish to address.

Does It Hurt?

Each pulse of light is similar to a slight pinch, sting, or pin prick – some patients have even compared it to the snap of a rubber band. Overall, treatment is generally tolerated well, and anesthesia is typically not necessary. Dr. Rao will do everything in his power to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Are Multiple Treatments Necessary?

For optimal results, we often recommend a series of about five treatments spaced approximately three to four weeks apart; however, this may vary based on your unique skin type and concern.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Immediately following your IPL treatment, you may notice some darkening of brown spots. Broken capillaries may be reduced but are sometimes initially darker or bruised. Depending on what condition is being treated, you will notice some pinkness. Most brown spots take from 3-10 days to completely slough off. It is important to resist picking, peeling, or scrubbing the darkened areas for at least 2 weeks.  Little to no downtime can generally be expected. In fact, most patients resume their normal daily routines shortly after leaving our office.

What About Side Effects?

Side effects from IPL therapy can include some minor redness in the treatment area. This temporary flushing appearance can often be concealed with makeup and should resolve relatively quickly. Additionally, you may notice some darkening of any brown spots that were targeted during treatment, but this too should fade over the course of a few days as your skin heals from within.

Which IPL Treatments do you offer?

This therapy can truly reveal brighter clearer and more youthful skin. At Rao Dermatology, we have 2 ideal IPL photorejuvenation technologies, Sciton BBL and the Cutera Limelight, allowing us to choose the best one for your skin type.

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