Fed up with redness and blushing?

Many individuals suffer from Rosacea, a chronic skin condition characterized by persistent redness of the central face.

It is an inflammatory process that can present with small pimples and dilated small visible vessels within the reddened areas, especially on the chin, cheeks and nose.

 Many lifestyles factors can cause rosacea to flare up.  Common triggers are hot and cold weather, alcohol, sun exposure, stress, and hot or spicy food and drinks.

 Over two million Canadians are known to be affected by rosacea.  It typically develops between ages 30 to 50 and tends to occur more often in women than men.  It is a chronic condition often misdiagnosed as acne.  Rosacea cannot be cured but definitely can be controlled.   At Rao Dermatology, we can help you establish an optimal treatment plan to treat your rosacea symptoms.  

Treatment Options:

  1. Excel V laser – removes small vessels
  2. IPL phototherapy–  essential maintenance procedure that diminishes background redness
  3. Medical treatments – both topical and systemic for inflamed pimples
  4. Daily Advanced skin care – must include sun protection