We are pleased to offer a unique telehealth option if you would like to have your skin problem assessed remotely by our dermatology team at NO COST TO YOU.  Although not a perfect substitute for direct in-person appointment, teledermatology allows patients to be evaluated, educated and often treated (by prescriptions) from a remote location such as their home.

In these challenging times, as we try to limit exposure to COVID-19, this novel service takes advantage of modern technology and the fact that dermatology is very visual, to safely allow your skin condition to be managed from a distance by dermatologists, thereby reducing your social exposure risk.

Please note that this service is ONLY FOR CURRENT OR REFERRED PATIENTS to Rao Dermatology.  If you qualify and wish to have a teledermatology consultation, remote follow-up or even prescription renewal, please do the following to access the service at NO CHARGE:

  1. Email us at: or fill out the form below ⇓

Please note that all information you provide will be very secure and confidential.

  1. Please be sure to provide us with the following essential information (missing or incorrect information will result in your teledermatology request NOT being answered, for it jeopardizes health and poses medico-legal liability):
    1. THREE personal identifiers (full legal name, Alberta Healthcare Number and Date of Birth) to ensure your identity
    2. Your direct contact information, ESPECIALLY PHONE NUMBER, where we can call you to speak with you personally
    3. Preferred pharmacy telephone number to call in prescriptions if needed (please do NOT provide a fax number)
    4. Your family physician/nurse practitioner/referring doctor’s full name
    5. Outline the nature of your dermatology problem, with as much information as possible, including:
      • your current and past treatments for the problem
      • other unrelated medications (to assess the risk of cross-reactions)
      • any medication allergies
      • relevant past medical history
      • digital images of the problem (if available)

Your problem will be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist and, if everything is in order, you should receive a response within 7 days of the request.

This direct-to-patient teledermatology offering is very new, and we appreciate your patience and feedback to ensure that the service runs effectively.  This evaluation is a direct response to the social isolation recommendations outlined by provincial healthcare.  If it proves beneficial, we will consider continuing the service even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Kindest Regards,

Administration Team
Rao Dermatology

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