ThermiRF is the newest technology in aesthetic dermatology.

It delivers radiofrequency heat to provide amazing solutions for a variety of cosmetic concerns without any social downtime.

ThermiRF offers 3 procedures:

  1. ThermiTight
  2. ThermiRase
  3. ThermiDry


This offers non surgical tightening of problem areas of the face, neck, tummy ,arms bra fat, and love handles. A tiny probe is inserted under the skin and delivers heat which shrinks and tightens the target tissues. Results are immediate and improve over time.


This procedure is a great neuromodulator alternative. It disables the nerves in between the brow area until patients are unable to make a frown. The forehead lines disappear for at least one year.


This procedure offers a toxin- free treatment for excessive sweating under the arms. It safely heats the sweat glands , disabling them painlessly and effectively. Results are immediate and can last up to one year.

Conditions It Treats:

  1. Aging skin
  2. Jowl and neck lines
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Vaginal Rejuvenation
  5. Fat
  6. Excessive sweating
  7. Eyes