Wrinkles, Folds, and Creases.

We learn to laugh, smile, and frown and yet years of it leave you with the signs of life – wrinkles, lines and creases!

Unfortunately, the effects of the environment and our genetic tendencies lead to ongoing skin damage. Wrinkles and folds form mainly in the face but can also be present on body areas such as chest, neck and arms.

Wrinkles can be dynamic meaning that they occur or worsen with movement, such as frown lines. Alternatively, wrinkles can be static, in the sense that they are present at rest.

Let us help make you still look like you – but a more relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated version.

Using the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to improve skin quality, we, at Rao Dermatology, can help to diminish the appearance of age and prevent the onset of new creases and grooves. Dr. Rao, who is recognized as a luminary educator in advanced injection techniques, demonstrates the upmost skill, finesse and artistry in minimizing wrinkles, lines and folds.

Treatment Options:

  1. Laser Treatment
  2. Neuromodulators
  3. Dermal fillers
  4. Thermi
  5. Medical Facials
  6. Daily Advanced skin care